Page Peterson's Do's and Dont's of Dating

Page Peterson Advice Column

The advice columns of romance comics were entertaining in their own right, but when illustrated sequentially they became a real treat. While Young Love had the nasty Marc as its patron saint of advice, Young Romance had a more likable character -- Page Peterson and her "Do's and Dont's of Dating." As you will see in this episode from Young Romance #172 (June/July 1971), Page dishes out no-nonsense etiquette-type advice on the art of courtship.

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From what I can tell, Page Peterson is the only regularly reoccurring non-white character in the romance comics of the 1960s and '70s. Her illustrated advice column appeared in no less than fourteen semi-consecutive issues of Young Romance. While there were not a whole lot of ethnically diverse characters in the romance comics, Page's presence demonstrates that the socially relevant issue of diversity was at least on DC's radar.