I'm Back!

Friends! Thank you so much for all your patience, thoughts, and encouraging words during this difficult time -- I appreciate it more than you know. I have missed the world of blogging very much. I am slowly easing back into things, and I have some good stuff in store for you all in the upcoming weeks.

The last poll ended a few days ago, and the results surprised me a bit! I asked whether you read romance comics for the art or the stories, and the majority of voters responded stories. I actually thought it would be the other way around... very interesting! I have put up a new silly little poll -- it may help to look through old posts for this one!

After taking the poll, here is some advice on "Fifteen Ways to Get Over a Broken Heart" from Young Romance #175 (October 1971). My favorite tip -- "Buy a hat." Finally. Sound advice that you can trust. These also work well for New Years resolutions! 

Ways to get over a broken heart advice

Thanks again everyone. I hope your holidays were lovely and special and filled with lots of snow and love! :)