Part II: Black + White = Heartbreak!

Welcome back for a second installment on the fate of lovers Margo and Chuck! We left off with a cliff hanger of a story. Margo and Chuck. Lovers from different racial backgrounds, united in their deep and undying love for one another. Friends since childhood, these two lovers had to make a choice -- stay around their friends and families who demand they part ways, or stay together and leave everything and everyone they have ever known behind.

Interracial romance relationship in romance comic books DC Comics

At the end of the sequential story in Girls' Love Stories #163 (November 1971), readers were asked to send in their version of the fate of Margo and Chuck for cash prizes. The above solicitation appeared in Girls' Love Stories #165 in January of 1972, letting readers know they could still enter into the contest.

As I mentioned in the first part of the Margo-Chuck saga, I don't have the issues that contain the readers' entries, issues #166 (February 1972) and #167 (March 1972). Lucky for us though, the ever so kind Gene Kehoe -- editor of It's A Fanzine, has #167 and was so very gracious to send me a scan of the contest page. As we move on to the second wave of fan endings, let's give a mighty round of applause for Gene!!! Hooray!!!

Interracial romance relationship in romance comic books DC Comics

How do you feel about how it ended? Though I probably would have gone for a more thrilling and dramatic ending, I think DC did a nice job of acting as a catalyst for cultural change; even if it was just in the form of something so seemingly "frivolous" as a romance comic book!