The House Ads of the Charlton Romance Comics!

Crazy fonts! Bright colors! Inventive one-liners! The house ads of the Charlton Romance Group had everything going for them to attract readers to the company's wide range of titles. Here is just a smattering of the very cool house ads that Charlton featured in their romance comics from 1967 through 1973. Notice the number of titles quickly expand from eight in 1967 to nine in 1968 and to eleven in 1970. Not only did the number of titles increase, but the names of titles changed over time as well -- for example, in the summer of 1971, Hollywood Romances was replaced by the For Lovers Only

Teen Confessions  #43 (March 1967)

Teen Confessions #43 (March 1967)

Career Girl Romances  #47 (October 1968)

Career Girl Romances #47 (October 1968)

Romantic Story  #99 (March 1969)

Romantic Story #99 (March 1969)

Hollywood Romances  #52 (April 1970)

Hollywood Romances #52 (April 1970)

Love Diary  #67 (July 1970)

Love Diary #67 (July 1970)

Sweethearts  #114 (January 1971)

Sweethearts #114 (January 1971)

Just Married  #80 (November 1971)

Just Married #80 (November 1971)

Romantic Story  #116 (December 1971)

Romantic Story #116 (December 1971)

Teen-Age Love  #82 (March 1972)

Teen-Age Love #82 (March 1972)

Teen-Age Love  #94 (August 1973)

Teen-Age Love #94 (August 1973)

There were so many of these groovy beauties to choose from, so don't be surprised if this post has an eventual sequel!!! What do you think? Do you have a favorite ad out of the ones shown here?