Are You Ready for Marriage?

The quiz "Are You Ready for Marriage?" from Girls' Romances #147 (March 1970) is quite possibly one of my favorite romance comic book quizzes. The 30 questions were designed to test the reader's marriage preparedness. It is actually rather sophisticated for a comic book! Much of it, such as questions on financial arrangements and independence are good things to think about for anyone heading into marriage -- regardless of time period.

Are you ready for marriage quiz

A few of my favorite questions (and answers):

8. Have you ever done something together like working to complete a chore at work or school, shoveled snow or mowed a lawn, painted a room, or combined your monies to buy something? (this should be answered yes)

11. Do you love him less after a scrap or continue to love him just as much? (yes again, on the second part of course)

17. Are you uncomfortable being alone at night if he has to work or go out of town on business or goes bowling with the boys or must train for two weeks during the Summer with his military or naval service unit? (ah, trick question! This one should be answered with a "no")

22. Do you retain leftovers from your meals, know how to prepare them attractively? (this is to be answered yes -- and remember, you may not have had a home microwave in 1970!)

Are you ready for marriage quiz

Give it a read! It is really quite fascinating!