Wedding Gifts 'round the World!

"Wedding Gifts 'round the World!"  Falling in Love  #74 (April 1965)

"Wedding Gifts 'round the World!" Falling in Love #74 (April 1965)

Characters of any ethnic diversity were not really present in the romance comics before the early '70s, save for some scarce filler material such as this "Wedding Gifts 'round the World!" This particular page from Falling in Love #74 (April 1965) educates readers on wedding gifts and customs ranging from seal skins of the "Eskimos," to 16th-century loving cups of the English, and Norwegian wooden spoon bracelets.

When I was a kid, I would spend countless hours reading and looking at the pictures in the Childcraft children's encyclopedia sets at my grandparents' house that had belonged to my mother when she was little. I have to say that the above page (however accurate or inaccurate it may be) really takes me back to that!

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