A Little Update

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Hey all, how ya doing? As I mentioned in a recent post, things have been pretty crazy around here. I didn't want to go into specifics because after all, this is a blog about comic books. But, it is also about romance and many times, about the heartache that romance brings. And I my friends, have been going through some intense romantic heartache. I seem to be going through all the emotions that come along with the end of a long-term relationship and keeping up on here has been majorly difficult for me. I am sort of at a crossroads I guess you could say. So much in my life is changing and as this change was not anticipated, I am struggling with sorting out all the other aspects of my life, including Sequential Crush.

But do not fear, this is definitely not the end of the blog or of my exploration of romance comics! I have always intended for Sequential Crush to turn into something big, and I am by no means there yet. And believe me, I want to get there! But for now, if things are spotty and posts not as frequent as they really should be, I apologize in advance. I know I don't need to, but I really treasure each and every one of you for being a loyal reader and taking the time out of your schedules to read about this unique and important genre of comic books. It pains me greatly to take a little step back, but I just hope that doing so will give me the propulsion I need to move forward. 

♥ Jacque