As Told To: Stan Lee - Birthday Edition!

Stan Lee Marvel Comic Books

Let's all send our best wishes to Stan Lee who is celebrating his 90th birthday today! A staple of the comic book industry, Stan continues to delight fans all over the world while acting as one of the most enthusiastic and beloved spokesmen for the medium. Luckily for us romance fans, Stan wrote countless romance stories over the years!

Not long ago, Stan told me one of his favorite anecdotes from his time writing the Marvel-age romance stories.* As the story goes, Stan wanted it known that he penned the romance tales despite their confessional tone. He didn't want to ruin the illusion that they were stories straight from the hearts of the heroines, so he gave the stories the now famous credit line, "As Told to: Stan Lee."** With those few simple words, Stan appeared to be an impartial witness to their sorrow -- while simultaneously giving himself writing credits! Pretty ingenious! I have read the line about a million times now, but it still gives me a little chuckle to picture a charming leisure-suited Stan interviewing heartbroken bell-bottom clad beauties!

Happiest of birthday wishes, Stan!

*Information taken from my correspondence with Stan Lee (June 2012). 
**"As Narrated to: Stan Lee" was also another one of Stan's signatures in the 1960s and '70s romance comics.