Romance and Reality - The Harsh Truth About Marriage from Charlton

"Romance and Reality"  Sweethearts  #110 (May 1970)

"Romance and Reality" Sweethearts #110 (May 1970)

I know, I know. This huge wall o' text doesn't look as exciting as the previous post about wild, long-haired hippies, but it too is important -- so give it a read. To sum it up, our mystery advisor speaks of a young woman named Diana. Diana's main problem is that of "how to get a husband." Diana's primary fear? Winding up an old maid. The author fears that Diana wishes to marry for all the wrong reasons, and has some harsh words for her and girls of her ilk. With divorce rates on the rise at the time, it is no wonder the author of this filler piece was scared. And while much of the piece sounds outdated to our modern ears, I agree with some of the points made in the piece, namely: 

"For marriage is not an escape from home. It is not a solution to one's personal problems... a lot of the happiness or misery in a marriage is the resultant of the views of the people to it. And how they stand up under the conditions and situations of life itself." 

That said, the notion of romance as implicitly fleeting is not one that I buy. But what can I say? I'm a romantic!