Page Peterson on Where to Meet Boys

"Where to Meet Boys"  Secret Hearts  #152 (June 1971)

"Where to Meet Boys" Secret Hearts #152 (June 1971)

Page Peterson (resident romance specialist) has some advice for young Secret Hearts readers of 1971 concerning where to meet boys. Her sage advice is as follows:

Get active!

Page advises readers to get to know their neighborhoods, volunteer for community happenings, and maybe even get a part-time job: "A weekend job in a department store, restaurant, school, business office, doctor's or dentist's office, is one way to get on the scene with the young men you want to meet." Page also suggests getting a little notebook or planner to keep track of activities.


If you want to meet a sweetheart at one of the above mentioned events or settings, it's best not to sit on the sidelines. Introduce yourself, and try to strike up a conversation. 

Throw a party!

Invite those outside your regular circle as well. You never know if a new friend will lead to a new love interest! 

Ms. Peterson declares (and quite correctly from my experience) that by following the tenets outlined, "You'll find you've got involved in a pleasant social whirl that begins to take care of itself." 

People enjoy having you around. Your phone is busy. You’re in demand. You have become a more interesting person.
— Page Peterson

At the end of the piece, Page so correctly reminds young and impressionable readers not to be in a rush. Put yourself out there, have fun doing it, and the rest will follow. Another level-headed piece of advice from Page Peterson -- love guru.