Fear of the Domestic - Three Short Stories from Charlton's Just Married

I’m excited to share with you today, three one-page sequential stories about marital fears that appeared in Charlton’s Just Married #39 (December 1964).* Whereas DC and Marvel published romance stories that were more general, Charlton, with titles such as Just Married and Career Girl Romances, published stories thematized around issues like marriage and careers. These three stories are Charlton's interpretations of what a new bride could possibly expect in her new union in terms of cooking, quarrels, and pregnancy. It also could potentially be construed as a subtle message that brunettes aren't very good at domestic life! Though these stories seem outdated to us as modern readers, I love these because they show what would have been typically expected of a young woman, and the fears associated with her new role as a Mrs. I find the last one especially haunting -- pretty serious stuff for a romance comic!

"Try, Try Again" Pencils: Norman Nodel (via  GCD )

"Try, Try Again" Pencils: Norman Nodel (via GCD)

"First Quarrel" Pencils: Norman Nodel (via  GCD )

"First Quarrel" Pencils: Norman Nodel (via GCD)

"Three's a Family"

"Three's a Family"