Saturday, November 13, 2010

Too Tall to Love - Falling in Love #130 (March 1972)

I am back from Baltimore, and the trip was a success! I will be sure to let you know when the episode airs! Now -- onto tonight's story!

Way back last month I queried which "Too (fill in the blank) to Love" story you all wanted to see! The first choice was "Too Smart to Love!" from Falling in Love #137 (October 1972). Closely behind was the gem I am going to share with you this evening -- "Too Tall to Love" from Falling in Love # 130 (March 1972). Not sure the artist on this one (edit: pencils by Jack Katz, inks by Mike Esposito), but whoever was responsible sure knew how to convey the despair of our vertically gifted leading lady, Iris Manton!

Being 5'3" myself, I can't necessarily identify with 6 foot tall Iris, but I can certainly sympathize with her! Constantly harassed by high heel shoe salesmen and boys who say, "yuk! yuk!" Iris finds herself in perpetual misery.

The only time when she isn't sobbing or cursing herself in the mirror is when she is around the children in the neighborhood who are naturally drawn to her impressive size.

During her high school class graduation photos, she is told by the photographer to stand in the back so that she doesn't "block all the others!" Completely mortified, she begins to cry. Before having a complete meltdown, Iris is distracted by her friend Barry who shows her a newspaper clipping from a New York paper that reads:

Tall Gal Finds Happiness at Amazon Club
Only Girls 6 Feet Tall and Over are Welcome
Come and Meet a Man You Can Look Up To

Intrigued by the ad, Iris talks with her high school counselor who sets up an appointment for her with an employment agency in New York. Iris lands a position at a "day nursery, where working mothers left their children," and is instantly a smash hit with both the children and the other employees.

Iris immediately checks out the Amazon Club where she meets taller-than-her Flora. The two young ladies become roommates and Flora helps Iris navigate a world designed exclusively for women of their stature. The guys Iris meets are handsome and height proportionate, but their dull nature leaves Iris looking for someone who not only towers over her, but keep her from nodding off.

While on a park outing with the children from the day care, Iris bumps into Jack -- a coworker. Though Jack is shorter than Iris, he is very patient and kind. He even buys Iris and all the children ice cream cones!

Iris and the children decide to take a carriage ride, while Jack and his horse stand nearby and wait. All of a sudden, the carriage driver loses control and is thrown out of his seat. At this point, the children and Iris are at the mercy of the runaway horse, but not for long! Jack stops the horse and saves the day!!! Jack's heroics make Iris swoon and she realizes that despite his height (or lack of) he is a catch. The feeling is mutual and Jack asks her to dinner that evening...

...and as you can see -- their date went well!



  1. Great blog Jacque. The redheaded hippy at the end was my favorite image. Reminds me of Christian Spire comics.

  2. Heh, reminds me of a "Leave it to Beaver" episode where Wally meets a very pretty girl at the local soda shop. He asks her to the dance, but when she leaves, she towers over him and he starts to sweat it out. But June tells him that when she first met Ward he was shorter than she, and she just wore flat shoes instead of heels and her hair down instead of up, and things worked out fine, which (IIRC) is how it turned out for Wally.

  3. The art (pencils, at least) seems to look like Dick Ayers, who didn't usually do romance comics.
    He's best known for pencilling Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos and Marvel's Old West Ghost Rider (which is why the horses look so good)!

  4. Debbie: I haven't seen too many of those Christian Spire comics other than the Hansi comic, which is a good one!

    Pat: Seems to be good little plot gimmick, but I am sure it happens to a lot of people in real life too!

    BrittReid: The horses are really good -- lots of movement! I wonder if I can find another romance story with similar art to compare it to and to Ayers other work. I can't think of another one off the top of my head.

  5. I think the art may be the work of Jack Katz not Dick Ayers.

  6. I believe this is the work of Katz, inked by Mike Esposito.

    Nick C.

  7. Was that a usual combo, Nick? I took a look at Katz and I can definitely see it.

  8. Jacque, being 6 feet tall, I really dig this. thanks for finding/enjoying/posting :)


  9. Glad you like it, RZ! Welcome to Sequential Crush!

  10. Wow. Seemed like I was reading my life Story except imm waiting on my ending.

  11. This made me feel a little better after feeling bummed out about being extra tall. I love short guys. :p

  12. I wish I would find the ample angel of my dreams.