Artist Spotlight - Elizabeth Berube

"If You're Aquarius"  Secret Hearts  #142 (March 1970)

"If You're Aquarius" Secret Hearts #142 (March 1970)

If you read a lot of '70s DC romance comics, you will undoubtedly come across the work of Elizabeth Berube. Simply signed "Elizabeth," Berube's work stands out amongst other romance artists of the time for its quiet beauty and unique sense of movement.

In The Great Women Cartoonists by Trina Robbins (Watson-Guptill, 2001), Berube is cited as being the "last woman to illustrate a romance comic" -- working on the DC romances until 1974. Elizabeth's contribution to the romance comics included fashion featurettes, horoscope pages, tables of contents and other various intricate and ornamental pieces.

"Beauty on a Budget"  Falling in Love  #119 (November 1970)

"Beauty on a Budget" Falling in Love #119 (November 1970)

"Think Thin"  Young Romance  #166 (June/July 1970)

"Think Thin" Young Romance #166 (June/July 1970)

I personally am a fan of Elizabeth's artwork -- I think that something about its softness and femininity speaks to me. She did so many featurettes in the romance comics of the 1970s, so I have many examples to share in the future. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this little taste of her whimsical style!