Friday Favorites - DC's Gorgeous Pink Romance Covers!

You may remember a collection of green romance covers from last spring -- this evening, I have for you five gorgeous pink covers from DC! Nothing says romance quite like these rosy hued beauties!

Falling in Love  #131 (April 1972)

Falling in Love #131 (April 1972)

Girls' Love Stories  #164 (December 1971)

Girls' Love Stories #164 (December 1971)

Heart Throbs  #124 (February/March 1970)

Heart Throbs #124 (February/March 1970)

Young Love  #80 (May/June 1970)

Young Love #80 (May/June 1970)

Young Romance  #159 (April/May 1969)

Young Romance #159 (April/May 1969)

So tell me, which cover is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and next week I will feature the corresponding interior story! Enjoy your weekend!