Selling Romance - Dusty and Skye Dolls from Kenner

I don't know how things went for you, but February totally flew by for me -- even with the extra day today! I didn't get a chance to post even half of the material I had hoped to for Black History Month! But don't worry, I won't keep it from you! I will be sure to post some more of my finds concerning diversity and inclusion in the romance comics over the next couple of months. In the meantime, I do have this very cool ad selling the Kenner manufactured dolls, Dusty and Skye! Definitely geared for the younger romance comic book readers, Dusty and Skye were fashionable, sporty, and 11 1/2 inches tall!

"Both are knockouts in their trendsetter fashions!"
Dusty and Skye Ad from  Young Love  #120 (Winter 1976)

Dusty and Skye Ad from Young Love #120 (Winter 1976)