Love is All Around Us - Romance Comic Book Links!

Link to As Told to Stan Lee

It probably comes as no surprise that in February -- the month of love, there would be a ton of romance comic book related things out there on the web. Here are a few links I saw that may be of interest to you!

Scott Edelman recently wrote a post pondering the differences between the covers of romance comics and romance novels while purchasing some original art for his wife, Irene Vartanoff. He then did a subsequent post of the story he ended up purchasing a page from. 

Have time for a longer read on romance comics? Read CBLDF's historical look at them by Joe Sergi, "Tales From the Code: You've Lost That Loving Feeling." Sergi reiterates many of the same quotes from Wertham I did in my 2011 post, "Time Travel Tuesdays - Dr. Wertham Speaks Out on Romance Comics."

Young Love nun on comic book cover

Dork Shelf gives their pick on the most ridiculous romance comic book covers ever. The cover for Young Love #104 (June/July 1973)? No way! :)

Any thoughts on Marvel's plan to introduce a line of romance comic-esque novels based on Rogue and She-Hulk?

Spectergirl over at As Told to Stan Lee lends her always excellent sense of humor to Charlton's "There's More Than Tears!" published in I Love You #99 (September 1972) (panel at top from her post). Neighbors Bart and Evelyn get off to a bad start courtesy of a noisy typewriter, but soon, romance blossoms. Read the whole post here!

I hope you enjoy these links and be sure to visit the Sequential Crush Facebook page or my Twitter for more!