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Hey, everyone! Sequential Crush now has an email newsletter! It is super simple to sign up, just click here. You can also join directly on the Sequential Crush Facebook page (you’ll see a little envelope with a rainbow). If you join, you’ll get updates from me every once in a while about what’s going on here at Sequential Crush, news relevant to romance comics, as well as updates on the things I’m working on to preserve the genre's memory. I sincerely appreciate your support -- I truly have the greatest readers around!

On that note, I got to thinking the other day... Who are these amazing readers? I know a few of you in real life, many of you from your own blogs, Facebook, etc. But as for quite a few of you, I don’t know anything about you besides your profile name. So let’s remedy that! If you’d like, please leave a comment below and tell us all a little about yourself! Where are you located? How did you get interested in romance comics? Any other comic book/popular culture interests? Things like that!

*Note about signing up to the email newsletter. If you have a Yahoo email address, you may have difficulties signing up because of the changes Yahoo has made to deter spam. If you are having problems getting signed up, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I can add you manually!